Kaiwerx Studio


Kaiwerx Studio was established in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2008 for the creation of my hammered biomorphic sculpture. I have been learning and creating in metals for over 25 years. Over these years of study and making my work has been exhibited internationally and I have taught metalsmithing and sculpture. 

From an empirical analysis of the natural world and a reverence for the beauty of nature, with explorations in the morphology of biological form and an immense passion for making with my hands, I set out to create objects that exemplify the human connection to nature and the expressive spirit.

My passion for making evolved from the creative process and the creative problem-solving that comes with making unique objects. The desire to make, is to experience the growth and transformation of material into form. The metamorphosis of raw material into creations that appear to come alive is when the making of objects is the most exhilarating.

With the Biomorphic Adornment Line, I am creating sculptural jewelry inspired by nature, that reflect a visual symbiosis with the body. Sculpture for the body with a vitality and sense of wonder. The Biomorphic Adornment line offers designer statement jewelry that merges organic form with contemporary design, for jewelry with a sense of timelessness combined with the sensuous, vitality of nature, for a look that is a unique and personal expression of the wearer.  

The first collection of the Biomorphic Adornment Line, The Tendril Collection explores an abstracted tendril form as a sculptural line that visually corresponds with the body. Sinuous tapered lines or branches wrap around the wrist or the neck. Shimmering, dangling tendrils hang from the ears or a necklace. The Tendril Collection was created in the pursuit of beauty of organic form combined with contemporary design and high craft. With a variety of designs, in all forms of jewelry, ranging from signature pieces such as the Tendril Bracelet and one-of-a-kind statement pieces, the Tendril Collection was created for men and women in search of evocative style and individual expression with an appreciation for handcrafted contemporary jewelry.

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